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Memorial Donations

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  2. Memorial Donation

    Use this form to make a monetary donation in memory or in honor of a loved one. 

    Materials can be requested by specific title or by subject/genre.

    In addition to an acknowledgement for your records, you may also request a letter be sent to the family of the honoree. 

    Payment can be made by check via US Mail, or in person at the library with cash, check, or credit card. 

    Checks made out to: Alamogordo Public Library. Mailing address: 920 Oregon Ave. Alamogordo, NM 88310

    Call 575-439-4148 with questions or for more information. 

  3. If requesting a specific title please also include the author.

  4. Name of the honoree

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  6. Donor's name (optional.)

  7. One hardback book is approximately $30.00.

  8. Form of payment*

    Please submit payment by mail or in person within 7 days of submitting your request. Requests will not be processed before payment is received.

  9. You may choose to have a notification of your donation sent to the family of your honoree.
  10. For office use only.

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    Payment received date: __________________________

    Form of payment: ________________________________

    Receipt number: __________________________________

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