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Homebound Delivery Service

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  2. Homebound Delivery Service interest form

    The library is pleased to offer free delivery of library materials to qualifying homebound individuals: 

    • Disabled or infirm and unable to come to the library
    • 65 years of age, or older, with no means of transportation.

    The library's homebound service coordinator will contact you with in five days after this form is received at the library. 

    Please call Senta 575.439.4140 ext. 4156 with any additional questions you may have. 

  3. Must live in Alamogordo city limits to qualify for homebound delivery service.

  4. To avoid any confusion, APL will hold your library card while you are on the homebound program. 

  5. No library card?

    If you do not have an Alamogordo public library card account, library staff will help you establish one over the phone after this form has been received at the library.

  6. Preferred material format(s)

    You may select multiple formats. DVDs and new books are not eligible for homebound service.

  7. Loan time for delivered materials is three weeks. (21 days.) Let us know here if you would like to be considered for a longer loan period. Requests are not guaranteed and will be considered on a case by case basis.

  8. List as many as you want. Books by the authors listed and similar authors will be selected for you.

  9. For example: romance, mystery, Christian, western, historical fiction, nonfiction, etc. List as many as you wish.

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