Dilapidated Structures

Code Enforcement recognizes the effects dilapidated structures have on the comfort, health, and safety of our community. Dilapidated structures are hot spots for criminal activity and a public nuisance. 

Is there a dilapidated structure in your neighborhood? Email Code Enforcement to begin the Dilapidated Structures process. 

310 N. White Sands Blvd.310 N. White Sands Blvd.Condemned per resolution Resolution 2023-20
1109 Michigan Ave.1109 Michigan Ave.Condemned per resolution. The new property owner will work to bring the property into compliance. Resolution 2023-26
1218 Post Ave.1218 Post Ave.Condemned per resolutionResolution 2023-31
523 15th St.523 15th St.New property owners will rehabilitate the property in early 2024N/A
803 Arapaho Trl.803 Arapaho Trl.Condemned per resolution Resolution 2023-32
308 N. White Sands Blvd.308 N. White Sands Blvd.Condemned per resolutionResolution 2023-21
313 N. New York Ave.313 N. New York Ave.Condemned per resolutionResolution 2023-30
311 N. New York Ave.311 N. New York Ave.Condemned per resolutionResolution 2023-29
1703 Dewey Ln.1703 Dewey Ln.Condemned per resolution. Property owners are working to bring the property into compliance.Resolution 2023-25

High Costs of Dilapidation

               3.2                                                                               1.8                                                               2

Blocks with Dilapidated Structures                                            Blocks with Dilapidated Structures                         Blocks with Dilapidated Structures   

see 3.2 times as many drug calls to                                           see 1.8 times as many theft calls to                        see 2 times as many violent calls to 

police.                                                                                              police.                                                                          police.

               9.4                                                                                73 

Blocks with Dilapidated Structures                                            The US Fire Administration reports

see a decrees of 9.4% of property                                             12,000 fires in vacant, abandoned,

values with properties within 500                                              and dilapidated structures costing 

feet of a Dilapidated Structure.                                                   tax payers $73 million annually.