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If you are interested in serving on any City of Alamogordo Board or Committee, please fill out the application and submit it online or print it and return it to the City Clerk’s office. Call 575-439-4100 for more information. You can also review Article 2-04 regarding Boards, Commissions, and Committees to understand more of the process, duties, expectations, and requirements as written in our Code of Ordinances.

Volunteers are also needed and appreciated. Click here to learn more about volunteering with the City.

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Current/Upcoming Vacancies

Updated as of May 2022. To see if you live within or outside City limits, please review the GIS Alamogordo General Map and search for your address. City limits appear as dotted red lines.
  • Parks and Recreation Board - 1 City Representative that must reside within City limits.
  • Senior Volunteer Programs Advisory Council - 1 Representative that may either reside within or outside City limits.
  • Airport Zoning Board - 1 Representative that may reside within or outside City limits.