Public Works


"Public Works is the salt of the earth and the backbone of our great City. They are the unsung heroes. They maintain our water system, repair and build our streets, pick up our trash, demolish our dilapidated structures, maintain our City vehicles and facilities, and treats our wastewater. They are often overlooked and forgotten about, but they hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to all of our public works employees. I see you, I appreciate you, and I am proud to lead you." - Brian Cesar, Alamogordo City Manager

Technical Standards Public Review

The City of Alamogordo is in the process of updating the Technical Standards which were last updated in 2004.  These standards are provided to guide and assist developers, sub-dividers, owners of subdivisions, engineers and contractors, in the preparation of plans, specifications, and for the construction of city utilities, streets, and improvements inside the public right-of-way in accordance with the Alamogordo Municipal Code. 

These draft Technical Standards have been provided to the public for review. Comments are currently being reviewed and all comments will be responded to.  The Technical Standards will go to Commission for approval in June.

*A hard copy of the draft Technical Standards can be reviewed at City Hall in the Planning & Zoning Division.

City of Alamogordo Draft Technical Standards


The Public Works Department is responsible for 4 divisions including:

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Public Works Team

The Department of Public Works team consists of 45 dedicated full-time employees and two seasonal employees.

Mission Statement

The Department of Public Works mission is to support and enhance a high quality of life for the City's residents, businesses and visitors by providing well planned, environmentally sensitive, cost effective infrastructure and services to promote:

  • Civic Vitality
  • Economic Growth
  • Personal Safety
  • Public Health
  • Transportation


The department is committed to the planning and implementation of the policies, goals, and objectives as established by the City Commission and the City Manager. It is our inherent duty to preserve and protect the City's major investment in its infrastructure so that we may realize the maximum possible benefit of its intended purpose. Our mission is accomplished through the prudent use of:

  • Coordination with Other Service Providers in the City
  • Innovations
  • Resources
  • Teamwork
  • Technology