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Multi-Purpose Room Application

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  2. Please read Guidelines and Rules listed below.
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  5. Guidelines and Rules

    1. ARRANGEMENTS for program(s) must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance, preferably longer. 2. HOURS: Programs will NOT be scheduled on Friday or Saturday evenings or anytime on Sunday. 3. All events must conclude thirty (30) minutes prior to Library’s closing. 4. ROOM OCCUPANCY: The Fire Marshal has determined that the attendance capacity of the room is seventy-five (75) when used as one room (approx. 20’x50’) or 38 on each side when the sound divider is used. NO EXCEPTIONS 5. PROGRAMS: Subject content of programs must be discussed with the Library Manager (or designee) at the time of application. Programs which might be considered offensive or are designed to inflame the general public will not be approved. The decision of the Manager or designee on this point is final. 6. ITEMS FOR SALE: Materials may not be sold nor fees charged without the written approval of the Library Manager or designee. Examples of material that may be sold (with approval) are workbooks, books at autograph parties, arts and crafts materials, traditional fundraiser items, etc. 7. EQUIPMENT: Use of any or all equipment must be requested and approved on the application. 8. AN ADULT must be present at all events for children and youth programs. 9. AN ADULT must sign application. 10. FEES for private functions only: $30 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour. This may include private, commercial, political functions/meetings. Local, state, and federal government agencies are exempt from paying room use fees. Final decision regarding fees will be made by the Library Manager or designee. 11. FOOD: The serving of food in the room must be approved in advance. No alcoholic beverages allowed. 12. NO SMOKING: The library is a “No Smoking” facility. 13. ATTACHING TO SURFACES: Signage and decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise attached (including decals) to the Multi-Purpose Room surfaces or fixtures like walls, doors, ceiling, cabinets, etc. An exception is made when using pre-approved tape and adhesive backed materials (non-residue, easily removable, no damage). 14. CLEANING: The applicant is responsible for cleaning all trash from tables and throughout the room. 15. FINAL CLEANING performed by Library Staff should only require mopping of floor and emptying trash receptacles. 16. LIABILITY: The applicant may be held liable for cleaning and/or repair costs for any damage to the Multi-Purpose Room and its equipment caused by user and/or their representative through abuse, negligence or failure to follow acceptable regulations. 17. AFTER the event, please report the number of attendees to a library staff member for our records. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE APPLICATION IN ITS ENTIRETY. BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, I AGREE TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ORGANIZATION OR GROUP IN COMPLYING WITH ALL THE GUIDELINES AND RULES REGARDING THE USE OF THE ALAMOGORDO PUBLIC LIBRARY MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM AND FACILITIES.

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