Docent/Education Ambassador

Education Ambassadors at the Alameda Park Zoo play a vital role in connecting visitors with the importance of conservation and biodiversity.

  • Interact with Visitors: Engage visitors in a friendly and informative manner, answering questions and initiating conversations about the organization's conservation initiatives, animals, and exhibits. 
  • Deliver Educational Programs: Assist in presenting educational programs, workshops, and demonstrations to diverse audiences, including school groups, families, and individuals. 
  • Promote Conservation Values: Communicate the significance of sustainable practices, responsible consumption, and the role of individuals in preserving the environment. 
  • Assist in Event Participation: Support special events, workshops, and themed days by helping with setup, facilitation, and engaging with attendees. 
  • Maintain Cleanliness and Order: Ensure that educational spaces and materials are organized, clean, and well-maintained to provide a positive visitor experience. 

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