Report a Problem

Water BreakWater Emergency Team members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency issues. Repairs are prioritized based on the severity of the problem. To report an issue, follow one of the links below.

Water Leaks

The City of Alamogordo will repair leaks at water meters and mains. Leaks on the customer's side of the meter, including the service between the meter and the facility, the irrigation system, and indoor plumbing, are the responsibility of the customer. 

Sewer Issues

Sewer line mains located in the street or alley are the responsibility of the City to clean and repair. The customer is responsible for the connection to the sewer main and all service lines from the main to the facility. 

What happens when I report a leak?

After-Hours Emergency Number: 575-439-4300

Current Utility Issues

How does the City of Alamogordo prioritize emergencies? Failures within the City's utility network are categorized into 4 classes of emergency. Examples of the types of failures are as follows:

Level I - Routine - Minor Leak - 10 Business Day Response

  • Leak is not a hazard to anyone
  • Leak is not resulting in property damages
  • Leak is slow or a very small leak which in many cases do not surface and only appear as a depression
  • Leak is not causing any loss of water pressure to customers in the immediate vicinity

Level II - Minor - Priority Leak - 2 Business Day Response

  • Steady flow or stream of water that causes a lot of attention but is not causing any property damage including streets, curbs, gutter and sidewalk
  • Leaks in the street that are minor but could result in further damage if left unattended
  • The surrounding customers have lower pressure or flow
  • Minor failures in the treatment system components that can be mitigated by replacing or repairing equipment

Level III - Significant - Emergency Leak - Immediate Response

  • Large quantity of water running resulting in property damage including streets, curbs, gutter and sidewalk
  • Leak resulting with neighborhoods or businesses to be without water
  • Leaks is a potential hazard to the public
  • Customers have low pressure or flow

Level IV - Catastrophic - Immediate Response

  • Major pipe burst in the treatment or transmission system that cannot be repaired without complete shutdown of a large portion of the system
  • Water quality concerns that pose a definite risk to public health
  • Loss of positive pressure
  • Backflow or back-siphonage of system components that result in loss of pressure somewhere in the system causing water flow to reverse
  • Major storm event that cause complete failure of part or parts of the system
  • Major interruption of service requiring possible supplemental resources

Some priority leaks may take longer due to the number of emergency leaks and other priority leaks that need repaired first. We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.