Food Vendors & Vending

Food Vendor Application Information

See the City Clerk's Business Registrations, Licenses, and Permits page for more information on how to be a licensed Food Vendor that can operate within City limits. 

Vending on City property such as parks, ballfields, or special events.

If you are making revenue on City property, you are required to enter into a Small Services Agreement with the City of Alamogordo. At the Recreation Center, staff will collect your information and desired vendor location in order to generate the agreement. The completed agreement is sent to the City's legal department for approval. Approval of the agreement may take up to two weeks. A fee of 10% of profits will be paid at the Recreation Center per your agreement. Due dates will be included in your agreement. Please see Helpful Hints for Food Vendors (PDF)

Vending at Special Events

Events include Sounds of Freedom, 4th Fridays, Easter in the Park, Zoo Boo, etc. For information, please contact the Civic Center, 800 E First Street, 575-439-4159.

A Special Events Permit (Form submits online) and Small Service Agreement are required to do business on city property. Charges vary based on the type of event and whether electricity is required. There is no 10% profit fee.

Please allow at least two to three weeks for all the permit and form approvals.