Call 811 Before You Dig

IMG_20160530_811Property owners are required by law to notify 811 to have underground utilities located before doing any digging, for small projects like planting trees and shrubs to large projects such as swimming pools, sidewalk/driveway installation or repairs. Call 811 two working days prior to digging, tell the operator where you're planning to dig, what type of work you will be doing. If you are hiring someone else to do the digging for you, they will be required by law to make the one-call request at least two working days before the planned excavation as well. Once the notification is made, the City of Alamogordo and other utility companies will be notified about your intent to dig and within two working days, a locator will mark the approximate location of the affected underground utilities and mainline pipes, so you'll know what's below and be able to dig safely.

Remember, always call 811 before you start any digging project!

Visit nm811 for more information.