Streets, Weeds & Drainage

Streets Maintenance Division

Streets Maintenance is responsible for most street and alley-related maintenance including but not limited to concrete and asphalt repair, sign and street marking maintenance, street sweeping, alley and dirt road maintenance, and even some City building construction and demolition.

The Street Maintenance Department completed 550 work orders for sweeping, 3,720 work orders for pothole patching, 392 work orders for street sign maintenance, 15 work orders for street striping, and 330 work order for raised pavement markers, and purchased and laid approximately 70.56 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt. The Street Maintenance department also was involved in the paving of paths in various locations throughout the Golf Course. The Street Maintenance Department also performed larger street patching and curb and gutter projects throughout the City. This department of 7 full-time regular employees plus 1 manager, who also manages 2 other departments, completed a total of 6,676 work orders in FY20.

Drainage Maintenance Division

Drainage Maintenance is responsible for maintaining most of the City drainage rights-of-way with respect to debris and trash removal, weed spraying and cutting, soil stabilization, and minor dam maintenance and construction

During Fiscal Year 2020 the Drainage Maintenance Department completed 188 work orders for weed spraying, 457 work orders for weed cutting, and 187 work orders for storm drain cleaning. They also completed 99 work orders for larviciding and 35 work orders for Graffiti removal. This small department of 6 full-time regular employees completed 1,132 weed and drainage-related work orders.

Division Description

This division is responsible for street and alley maintenance, and drainage channel, and related structure maintenance. This includes;

  • Pothole Repair
  • Sign Installation and Maintenance
  • Street Striping and Pavement Marker Installation
  • Alley Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping
  • Hazardous Materials Clean-up

Additional Responsibilities

Additionally, it is responsible for:

  • Culvert and Drain Maintenance and Repair
  • Graffiti Eradication
  • Maintenance
  • Spillway Construction
  • Weed and Mosquito Control

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service by fostering an organizational environment that encourages a commitment to teamwork and to the efficient delivery of quality municipal services to all of our citizens. To strive to be consistent in the efficient and effective maintenance of our streets, alley, and any other area entrusted to this department, ensuring quality and safety for our citizens.

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