Basketball Gym

now Rec Center Basketball court photo

Basketball Gym

AFRC has a 7,000 square foot gym. The court is lined for both basketball and volleyball. It is equipped with six basketball goals and portable volleyball equipment. Basketballs are available for free use on a first-come, first-served basis as long as patron provides collateral during use. Anyone entering the gym must pay the session use fee.

Gym Hours

  • Gym will be open for registered sessions only.  
  • Please check the Hours of Operation webpage for Holiday hours and closures



Basketball gym is now open for registered sessions ONLY. Participation in an session requires pre-registration. There are NO drop-ins at this time. Youth basketball leagues will be November 2021 (Ages 3-4) & January 2022 (Ages 7-12). Please check back for updates on hours, sessions and COVID protocols. 

Basketball AM/PM Sessions

  • AM: Tue/Thu 7:00 am-8:15 am
  • 5 vs 5 Full Court Basketball (up to 15 people allowed)
  • Adults Only
  • PM: Mon/Wed/Fri 4:00 pm-5:15 pm
  • Shooting Practices (four people per four side hoops)
  • Ages 10 & up
  • Pre-registration REQUIRED for each session online at: or by phone at 575-439-4142*
    • *Payment is due over the phone
  • Registration will open at 8 am three (3) days prior to and will close at 5:30pm the day prior to a session date. Be sure of dates/times you are registering for as no refunds may be given due to AFRC withdrawal policies. \
  • Please read the general information below and the specific information to the right as it explains current practices/procedures that you will be expected to follow and answers many questions.
  • MASKS: Per the NM Dept. of Health Public Health Order, masks are required to be worn at all time while in the recreation facility. Individuals without masks will NOT be allowed in the facility. 
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Patrons should maintain a 6' separation as often as possible. Markers at 6' intervals have been placed at the facility entry to facilitate distancing. 
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Through the main doors. At entry you will be checked in (masks must be worn). Patrons must exit the facility promptly at the end of their session time.
  • SESSION TIME: 1 HOUR & 15 MINUTES (max time allowed). Patron must exit the facility by the end of the allotted session time. 
    • Belongings must be kept with you at all times. Chairs will be provided near each basket/on the sidelines for patron use/belonging storage. Please DO NOT move chairs.
    • Gym, chairs, doors and basketballs will be sanitized/disinfected after each session.
  • If a session is cancelled by the facility (e.g., limited staffing, maintenance, etc.), patrons will be provided with a refund.
  • If a patron does not show for a session or is turned away due to non-compliance with any facility procedure/practice, NO refund will be given.

Registered Basketball Sessions

  • REGISTRATION: Individuals are required to register online or by phone, link & number provided to the left. 
  • AM SESSION - MAX OF 15 PEOPLE FOR 5 VS. 5 FULL COURT (Teams/subs will rotate in)

Current Basketball Pass Holders

  • YES - past passes with a 'visit' balance remaining are still good. 
  • PASS HOLDER ACCOUNTS: All current pass holders have had accounts set up for them in CivicRec: Please access your account and update your contact information including email. If needed, we can assist you over the phone or via email at AFRC PHones are currently staffed from 8 AM - 12PM (NOON). After noon, you may leave a message for staff. 
  • Pass Holder's accounts are set up so that when you register online for one of the sessions, the fee will be offset at check-out so there is no charge - instead the pass will be decreased by one visit. 
  • If a pass holder tries to register and there is a charge and no offset, that means their visit pass has run out and they are responsible for paying the fee at that time. If this is an error, please contact the AFRC.
  • If desired, passes must be renewed prior to running out of visits by purchasing/renewing them online. Patron may be required to pay for individual session(s) until their account can be reset/flagged as a pass holder.
  • NEW PASS HOLDERS - if purchasing a new pass, please notify the AFRC prior to registering for any session. We will notify you as soon as your account has been flagged as a pass holder so you will see the price offset at checkout.

Age Categories & Restrictions

Youth – to qualify as a youth individuals must be 17 years of age or younger.

Full Facility - any child under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or over) at all times. Both youth and adult are charged use fees. 

Adult - to qualify as an adult, individuals must be 18 years of age or older. 

Senior Adult - to qualify as a senior adult, individuals must be 55 years of age or older.