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Physical Requirements

  1. Aerobic & Anaerobic Power
  2. Muscular Endurance
  3. Upper Body Strength

Aerobic Power

1.5 Mile Run - 15:14 (Minutes:seconds)

Anaerobic Power

300 Meter Run - 71.0 Seconds

  • Allow adequate time prior to the test for stretching and proper warm-up exercises.
  • The applicant should refrain from smoking, chewing tobacco, caffeinated drinks, energy aides, or eating for two hours preceding the test.
  • The applicant should remember to properly stretch before and after each exercise to prevent any injuries.
  • During the administration of the test, the applicants will be informed of their lap times. If several applicants run at once, their individual times at the finish line will be called out.
  • An important consideration at the end of the runs is the “cool down” period. The applicants should be cautioned about not sitting or standing stationary after the run to prevent venous pooling.

Additional Requirements

In addition to passing our physical requirements, applicants must also meet the following:

Written Examination

Each applicant must obtain a passing score on a written examination. Study guides & and practice tests may be purchased online at Apply To Serve. Please choose the POST guide & test.

Oral / Practical Interview

A panel consisting of city employees and Alamogordo Police Department personnel will interview each applicant.

Background Investigation

An extensive background investigation will be conducted on each applicant.

Psychological Examination

Each applicant must undergo a psychological evaluation.

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) Examination

Each applicant must undergo a voice stress analysis (VSA) test.

Medical Evaluation

Each applicant must undergo a complete physical evaluation, including vision, hearing and drug-screening test.

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