Alamogordo Recreation Center

Mission Statement

The Alamogordo Recreation Center (ARC) aims to enrich the quality of life of our community by providing high-quality, affordable, and diverse recreation programs, facilities, and services that promote wellness, community, and fun for all ages and abilities in a safe and welcoming environment.

Hours of Operation

The ARC is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. The facility is CLOSED on Saturday & Sunday.

Division Description

The ARC offers numerous wellness opportunities, sports activities, park rentals,  various recreation programs, as well as some family-friendly special events that support the needs of our community and enhance the lives of our citizens. 

General Information on Facility Policies & Procedures

It is essential to the enjoyment of this facility by its patrons and participants and to a positive work environment for staff and volunteers that patrons and participants follow the Alamogordo Family Recreation Center policies, rules, and procedures (links below). 

Registrations & Rentals

Access us online for activity registrations and park rentals.  

Parks and ARC Rentals are now available to reserve online!

Visit our Facility and Park Rentals page for more information.

Youth Activity Sponsorship

Activity sponsorship for children of families in need is available. Qualification for an activity sponsorship is based on annual family income level and is contingent upon fund availability. Please contact Alamogordo Recreation Center at 575-439-4142 for further information.

Family Game Night Survey

Why aren't you going to Family Game Night? Submit your survey at the link below.