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Here is a closer look at the Playground Equipment Options for the McKee Foods grFacebook_logoant through OH! the Outdoor Happiness Movement.  You can vote for your favorite on our Facebook page now through June 30th.  The main difference between the two options is that Option 1 includes a larger TopsyTurny® Spinner which is more expensive than the smaller Curva® Spinner in Option 2 which means Option 2 includes 2 additional small pieces of equipment. You can learn more about each of the spinners at the links below to help you make your decision.
TopsyTurny® Spinner:…/playground-co…/topsyturny-spinner/
Curva® Spinner:…/playground-compone…/curva-spinner/ 

Option 1
Option 2

Special Thanks

The City of Alamogordo Community Services Department would like to extend a special thanks and appreciation to the individuals, organizations and businesses for their donation of time, supplies, funds and support of our programs and facilities.
The Alamogordo Community Services Director is Veronica "Ronnie" Ortega.

  1. White Sands Pupfish
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The City of Alamogordo welcomes the White Sands Pupfish Professional Baseball Club

Pupfish Baseball field