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1. I was just told that my pet needs a city license. Is this true and if so why?
2. If I get bit by an animal what should I do?
3. My friend told me that my cat had to be on a leash whenever I let it go outside. Is this true?
4. My neighbor’s dog is chained up in the backyard. I never see him feed his dog and I am constantly giving the dog water. What should I do?
5. My pet got out of my yard and was picked up by Animal Control. What do I need to do to recover my pet?
6. My pet lost its collar along with its tags. Can I get replacement tags?
7. My pet passed away last night. What should I do with the remains?
8. Pigeons keep coming into my yard and eating my pet’s food. They are becoming a nuisance, can you help?
9. Our neighbor’s dog barks constantly. Is there any way to resolve this problem?
10. We can no longer care for our family pet. What options are available to us?