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Keep Alamogordo Beautiful

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Beautification Request Form
  2. Event/Project Report

    Report form that is filled out for all Keep Alamogordo Beautiful funded and unfunded projects.

  3. Keep Alamogordo Beautiful Volunteer Sign Up Form
  4. My Yard Project Nominee

    This form is meant to be filled in to provide information of a person who's yard deserves to be nominated for My Yard project.

  5. Request for Litter-Free Event Funding

    Request for funding to offset material and labor expenses for waste management services for events held on public space. Funding... More…

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Program

    Request form to adopt a park or other public space for periodic cleanup and reporting of damage, graffiti, etc. Group / organization... More…

  2. Graffiti Removal

    Request and permission to remove graffiti from any public or private space.

  3. Litter Eradication Supplies Form
  4. Project Request Form

    Request form for a youth or civic based group to provide labor services for funded and unfunded Keep Alamogordo Beautiful projects and... More…

  5. Request for Litter-Free Event Services

    Request for waste management services or litter kits for events held on public space.