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City of Alamogordo Request for a Block Party/Street Closure

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  2. City of Alamogordo Request for a Block Party/Street Closure
  3. I/we are hereby requesting approval of a block party and/or request closure of the following:
  4. It is understood that if someone insists on passage through our street, we will comply, and that we will allow any emergency vehicles through if the need arises. By signing this request, I/we hereby affirm that all of the above statements are correct to the best of our knowledge, and that all the terms herein will be complied with.

    It is understood that I/we are responsible for traffic control devices. However, if assistance is required from the City of Alamogordo to provide traffic control devices for this street closure, I/we understand that we will need to make arrangements separate from this form by contacting the Alamogordo Street Dept. directly at 439-4244 at least three days prior to the event.

  5. Please type your First and Last Name.

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    City Manager

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    Date Approved

  8. CC: City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Public Works Director, APD, AFD, City Attorney, Applicant

  9. (7/2021)

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