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City of Alamogordo Request for a Block Party/Street Closure

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  2. City of Alamogordo Request for a Block Party/Street Closure
  3. I/we are hereby requesting approval of a block party and/or request closure of the following:
  4. Do not submit permits any earlier than 3 months prior to start of the event.

  5. It is understood that if someone insists on passage through our street, we will comply, and that we will allow any emergency vehicles through if the need arises. By signing this request, I/we hereby affirm that all of the above statements are correct to the best of our knowledge, and that all the terms herein will be complied with.

    It is understood that I/we are responsible for traffic control devices. However, if assistance is required from the City of Alamogordo to provide traffic control devices for this street closure, I/we understand that we will need to make arrangements separate from this form by contacting the Alamogordo Street Dept. directly at 439-4390 at least three days prior to the event.

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    City Manager

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  9. CC: City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Public Works Director, APD, AFD, City Attorney, Applicant

  10. (01/2022)

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