Kids' SRP Participant Instructions

Summer Reading “READO”!

Just like Bingo, you need to complete five tasks in a row – across, down, or diagonally – to win. 

  • 1st READO – Blue Stone coupon
  • 2nd READO – Book to keep
  • 3rd READO – SRP T-shirt
  • 4th READO – SRP dog tags
  • Every READO after that – star bead to add to your dog tags*

Don’t forget to have your grown-up initial each task!  You CAN complete more than one task in a day.

You can build on each READO, or get a new card each time. We will draw a line through each READO and write the date when you get your prizes, so you know which READOs you have already redeemed.

There are nine different READO cards, named after the nine planets (Pluto will always be a planet), each with slightly different tasks. If you have done all the tasks you are interested in on your first card, just ask for a different board the next time you are in. You do NOT have to complete all the tasks on one board in order to move on to another one. The boards do not go in any order.

Being read to counts! If you need to modify some of the tasks for littler ones, go for it – the important thing is using words together, to build those pre-reading skills! If you need suggestions, ask Miss Ami or Miss Cheryl.

You can start marking off tasks as soon as you are registered. Sorry, books you read before you registered do not count! The first day to come in and get prizes is June 10, and the LAST DAY to get prizes is July 25.

*You can earn other beads for attending a family program or for turning in a book recommendation

How many beads can you collect by the end of summer??

PLEASE NOTE: Our program is run with the help of many volunteers supplementing our limited staff hours. We try to have the table covered at all times, but sometimes things happen. If you would like to call ahead to make sure someone is available to give out prizes, you can reach us at 439-4157. We appreciate your understanding!