Pothole Patrol

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How to Report Potholes

If you have a pothole on your street, report it to the Public Works Department for repair.

Ways to report a pothole:
• Call Public Works, Utility Maintenance Dispatcher at (575) 439-4130 or
• Submit a pothole location using the online form below

While we use preventive maintenance to avoid severe pothole problems, potholes usually develop in older pavements as water fill cracks in the pavement and expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. Heavy traffic also causes fatigue in pavement weakened by age and frost action.

We regularly check for surface problems on streets with older pavement to keep ahead of any problems. We welcome calls from citizens to report situations in their neighborhood or on their traffic routes. If you notice a pothole in a street or alley, please report it right away.

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What happens after I report a pothole?

The Street Department takes care of all potholes once they have been called in. Normally there must be more than one depending on size and location of the pothole. 

  • They average about 500 hundred potholes a month. 
  • The average cost to fill one pothole ranges from $30 to $45. 
  • The cost range using 1 ton of asphalt starts at $73 per ton. 
  • The crew usually waits until they have enough for 4 tons or more of asphalt before filling them. However, they will fill them much sooner depending on size and location.

A work order will be placed by our Utility Maintenance Dispatcher to repair potholes in city streets after they are reported. A serious pothole causing damage will be processed quicker, but for cost and time efficiency with hot mix, pothole repairs are done in batches, so the time to complete repairs will vary.