The Otero-Greentree Regional Landfill is owned by Otero County and Lincoln County and includes those municipalities within those jurisdictions. The City of Alamogordo is the Managing Agency for this operation. 

Waste Facility

The Otero-Greentree Regional Landfill is a New Mexico permitted solid waste facility designed to dispose of residential, commercial and construction waste. Additionally, it is permitted to accept certain special waste such as asbestos and sludge waste. The Otero-Greentree Regional Landfill was designed with a life span of 99 years. It was incorporated in January 1994.

Mission Statement

To provide for the disposal of solid waste and certain special waste in a manner that protects human health and the environment.


Rates Effective July 1, 2018

  • $15.66 per ton (solid waste) Otero-Greentree Regional Landfill Members
  • $24.79 per ton (solid waste) Non Members

Special Wastes Accepted

  • Sludge: $32.50 per ton (requires special waste manifest)
  • Asbestos: $36 per yard up to 100 yards
    • $34 per yard over 100 yards (requires special waste manifest)
  • Tires: $90 per ton (10 or more tires require scrap tire manifest)
  •  Sand: $5.50 per ton Otero-Greentree Reginal Landfill Members
  •  Sand: $7.00 per ton Non Members

Important Information

Billing accounts can be arranged with the City of Alamogordo Customer Service Division of the Finance Department.