Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP (the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program), one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation, engages people 55 and over in a diverse range of volunteer activities and an opportunity to improve their community’s critical needs.


Volunteers organize:

  • Assist Victims of Natural Disasters
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Renovate Homes
  • Teach English to Immigrants
  • Tutor Children
  • Serve Their Communities in Myriad Other Ways


In one year approximately 480,000 volunteers served an average of four hours a week at an estimated 65,000 local organizations through 766 RSVP projects. Besides the satisfaction of helping their community, RSVP Volunteers receive many benefits such as supplemental insurance, and mileage reimbursement, and are entitled to attend appreciation banquets and fun summer socials free.